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“My wife and I can’t believe that I already have 10-15% less pain, after doing just two exercises for a couple of weeks. I’ve had pain for ten years.” Bob C.


“I must tell you that this is the first time that I have felt physiotherapy to be helping me, and I’ve had loads of treatment over the last twenty years, including residential rehab courses”. Kay C.


“I was going to retire after the (Paralympic) silver, but since your treatment my pb’s are still improving and I’ve just won at the Europeans!” Tim R.


“What did you do to (…my patient)? We knew what we were trying to do, but we couldn’t get it to work. How did you do that in one hour? Can we come with her next time please?” Physiotherapist, Gloucester.


“Martin, since your visit we have been following your advice…
…sometimes even with success!” Professor Christian Gerber, Zurich.


Professor Christian Gerber, Professor Gerber’s son (pilot), Martin and Beata Lindenmeyer (Lead Shoulder Physio, Balgrist) arriving at Zurich from the 2nd International Shoulder Course, Villach, Austria 2004.


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