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“Shoulder & elbow surgery cannot be performed in isolation and requires the expertise of specialist therapists to get the best results.” (www.shoulderdoc.co.uk)

If you were buying a car, you would think carefully about what make and model you wanted, you may use a specialist garage to service it for you, rather than just going to the closest or the cheapest, because you wanted to give it the best quality care and protect your investment.

So why treat your body differently? Here at HurtArms we only work with shoulders. We have years of experience and have been trained by and worked with some of the best shoulder clinicians in the world.

We can’t promise you a cure, but we can promise to help you to make the best of your shoulder.

Our experience and results are available on this site so that you can compare them to others and make an informed choice for yourself.



The shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body. There is a large ball on the end of your arm bone (humerus) balanced in a tiny, flat socket on your shoulder blade (scapula).

Although this allows for a great deal of movement, it also makes your shoulder an unstable joint. Shoulder ligaments usually only get tight towards the extremes of movement, and so for most arm positions the muscles around the shoulder (your “rotator cuff”) are what control your arm bone in the socket.

Your shoulder moves smoothly when your muscles work as a team. However accidents, illness, tiredness and even age and poor habits can interfere with this smooth movement, leading to pain and in some rare cases even dislocation of your shoulder.

We use modern technology in addition to years of skill and expertise to help you gain control of your shoulder again. After a thorough assessment, we will select what treatment is appropriate for you and your shoulder. You will be given full instructions, and also help and advice for at home, work and play. Usually you will have exercises to do, as you can only learn to control your arm by moving it yourself.

We will use validated outcome measures wherever possible to independently examine your progress
1 and we will make these results available on our website.

If we feel that we cannot help you, we will tell you quickly and pass you on to someone else if we can. We have personal links with some of the best shoulder & elbow surgeons and therapists around the world.


1 “Taking account of the patient’s problems, a published, standardised, valid, reliable and responsive outcome measure is used to evaluate the change in the patient’s health status.” Standard 6, Core Standards of Physiotherapy Practice 2005, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.


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